Nick Phillips is a music producer, composer, and artist who is also a professional creative within the world of sound design and music supervision. He has been working in the music industry since 1994, and has during this time been involved in the start-up of three record labels (Radio Rhythm, Non-Stop and Elastic); produced records for Man Like Me, Ed Laliq and Owen Brady; toured as keyboard player with the band Spacek; and has released forward-thinking dance music under monikers Boxsaga, True Stories, and Violet. One of Nick's inspirations as a producer are Ghanaian rhythms, which he believes are fundamental in the creation of modern dance music and some classical/minimalist compositions.

Nick is currently producing the debut albums for Igor Volk and The New Sins; is a freelance contributor to the Sound Edit/Mix team at Shepperton Film Studios working on films for Disney, Paramount and Sony including 'The Avengers' and 'Tron: Legacy'. He also consults and develops major sonic branding campaigns for global companies and works closely with branding agencies.

Over the last five years Nick has been based in Owlspace Studios in West London, where he has been collaborating with Andrew Hale – writer, producer and keyboard player with Sade – on various commercial and artist projects. He is also working on new solo material, due for release later this year, and has recently completed additional composition and sound design for hit game LA Noire.

Nick thrives on artist collaboration and co-writing in the field of pop music production. However, his recent venture into the area of music for picture is an avenue by which he can utilise his early classical training with contemporary technology.

He is about to start sound design/composition on forthcoming feature, is in the process of composing his debut classical album and is about to release a new album of his 'Boxsaga' material. The artist/commercial world is there for innovative, forward-thinking exploration, which is at the heart of Nick's work.



Boxsaga "Radio Rhythm EP" [Radio Rhythm]

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Barrington Carey "Love U Forever" [Radio Rhythm]

Night Visions "New Bizness" [TBC]

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Boxsaga "Best of" (album) [DJ History]*


Natural Essense (Violet remix) "Injury Overthrow" [Sirkus]

Agent Provocateur (Violet remix) "The Phat & Ratty EP" [WoS]

Jersey Street (Boxsaga remix) "Cried Me a River" [JBO]

Terranova (Psychonaut’s remix) "Chase the Blues" [K7]

Ed Laliq "Clean/Ride" [High Society]

Ed Laliq "Hello Stranger" [High Society]

The White Sport "Back on the Beat" [High Society]

Ed Laliq "Drowning" [High Society]

Gabriel Prokofiev String Quartet No 1 (Boxsaga remix) "Second Movement" [Nonclassical]

In Flagranti (Ed Laliq remix) "Just Gazing" [Kill the DJ]

El Presidente (Boxsaga remix) "Without You" [One Records]

Asja Auf Capri "Novi Ronde" [Difficult Fun]

Keith "Red Thread" [Lucky Number]

Keith "Back There" [Lucky Number]

Owen Brady "Waiting for the Sun" (remix) [Sony Ireland]

Owen Brady "Prepare to be happy" [Sony Ireland]

The New Sins "It Doesn’t Work Like That" [Elastic]

Cobra Dukes "Airtight" [Prestel]

Man Like Me "Carny" [Prestel]

Man Like Me "Man Like Me album" [Our Time]

The New Sins "Feelings" [TBC]

The Souls "Sunlight" [Diamonds and Software]

Igor Volk "Voice" [TBC]

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